kaylinkrogers Lost cherry 🍒 💋

Directors: @marklundphoto @gregsorensenphoto 
Makeup: @sofiiastrykovaartist 

Lost cherry 🍒 💋 Directors: @marklundphoto @gregsorensenphoto Makeup: @sofiiastrykovaartist Hair: @paulwarrenhair Nails: @touchedbyterry • • • #repost #video #beauty #makeup #tomfordbeauty #instavideo #videogram #modellife #portrait #portraitphotography #photo #photoshoot #editorial #fashion #fashionphotography #photography #model #modeling #style #camera #shadow #shadows #instagood #mua #photographer

amandawegenast G O A L S. .
Let’s talk about ‘em... Naw... let’s actually achieve ‘em! If I asked you today, what’s...

G O A L S. . Let’s talk about ‘em... Naw... let’s actually achieve ‘em! If I asked you today, what’s your ultimate goal? Would you be able to clearly tell me not only what your goal is, but also your strategic plan for achieving it? The- who what when where how part of the plan? if not, your goal is actually just a pipe dream. Sorry, always gonna keep it all the way real with y’all! So unless you want that goal to stay out of reach, you need to be dedicated to it, work toward it efficiently, and execute that strategic plan of yours!!. . One of my goals is to become pro. So what do I do? I execute my plan!!! As you know I travel A LOT. But goals don’t change just because of life getting in the way. So, I stick to the script. WHO: I train with the people who I KNOW can help me. TIP: if you’re not HELPING me with my goals, you’re TAKING from me achieving them so I gotta move different. WHAT: I plan ahead. That includes meal prepping before all my trips. I pack my food in my suitcase, eat cold fish in the car, pre-view menus if I have to eat out to make sure i can eat there & plan my meals off of that. WHEN: I immediately step off the plane and Into a gym and grind it out. BOTH weight training and cardio every time. WHERE: That’s always planned out before my trips. I know exactly where I’ll train, what muscle group, and when in my trip it’s scheduled into. WHY: Because without this focus, without this planning and execution, without this discipline I WILL NOT ACHIEVE MY GOAL. So I stay laser focused. I do all the extra shiz to ensure I achieve. I got to Vegas today and went straight to @cityathleticclub and trained there for 4 HOURS. Thanks Zak, you da real MVP! I ate cold fish on my drive over there. Then sushi in my car right after. Why? Because I have a plan. Because I am not genetically gifted. Because I want to work hard for my shit! It makes my achievements all the more worth it in the end. And because I WILL NOT SETTLE. I’m not built that way. And I refuse to learn it. Because I love myself way too damn much. #selflove my friends. Now go set your plan and watch me work on mine. I’m gonna be excited to watch you work on yours. And if you know me, ima HELP 💕